What your nail shape says about you

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Whether round, pointed or oval - we'll tell you what the form of your fingernails says about your temperament.

Each lady contains a personal preference once it involves filing her nails. One likes it round, the opposite sq. and also the third ideally pointed. However have you ever thought of what your selection of nail shape may say about your personality? We tend to reveal what' behind it.

this can be what your nail shape says about your personality

pointed nails

Girls who wear pointed fingernails are confident, risk-takers, and passionate. They're not scared of modification or speaking their minds openly. Though they invariably stand behind their decisions, they conjointly worth the recommendation and opinions of others.

The advantage of pointed nails: they are sexy.

round nails

Spherical nails underline the relaxed temperament of their wearer. Ladies with this nail form seldom lose their heads. They're significantly often asked for recommendation and emotional support by friends and family as a result of them invariably stay objective. This can be primarily because they long for harmony. They're additionally amorous and feminine.

The advantage of round nails: they look elegant.

Square nails

Ladies preferring to file their fingernails sq. have a powerful personality. You're demanding, formidable and have smart taste. Her friends would additionally describe her as stubborn. However, though they'll seem too ambitious on the outside, on the within they're balanced and at rest with themselves.

The advantage of square nails: They make the hands look longer.

Square-round nails

Is your nail form somewhere between spherical and square? Then you're an explicit and broad-minded person whose imagination is usually running at full speed. You can't do abundant with those who subsume numbers and logic. You usually have the most recent trends in view. In addition, with this nail shape you are ready for each everyday work and also the party afterwards.

The advantage of square-round nails: They go with every outfit.

Oval nails

If you wear AN oval nail form, you don’t simply price, straightforward magnificence and adaptability along with your nails. Girls with this nail shape opt to avoid bother and have a relaxing result of those around them - and a passion for his or her surroundings and nature.

The advantage of oval nails: they are uncomplicated and go with any style of clothing.

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